Monsters of Asia: Here. Have a Yeti.

I like them. (it?)
Yeti Ice Day.jpg

Sigh. Here in Georgia, we do not get much snow. The smallest amount of snow in my area, which I will simply call the Metro Atlanta Area, tends to paralyze the city because 1) generally, natives do not know how to drive in it, and 2) until recently, we had no infrastructure to deal with it. Also, we tend to get more ice than snow.

Imagine roads covered in black ice–yeah, that’s our specialty. We can’t drive any better on that, either.
I had an exhausting day on Friday, cancelling work and prepping our animal rescue for the snow that was supposedly coming, but by this morning, there was a light dusting akin to a spilled bag of sugar. Breathing a sigh of relief, that, even though I had spent a whole day for nothing, I still would have had peace of mind and the that the feral cats our rescue monitors would not have to deal with snow as they came in and out of their houses to get to their feeding stations.
Still, I was a wee bit disappointed here at Ice Station Eyeball. Oops, I need to explain. Last year at about this exact time, we had another ice/snow armageddon coming, and my dear husband had a detached retina. We got him to the doctor and got him lasered up and repaired the day before the ice and snow hit. So, on Facebook, we called ourselves  Ice Station Eyeball(since I have been through three eye surgeries myself) and reported our conditions at our home. Dozens of our friends followed suit, some with hilariously creative names, and we have repeated the tradition again this year. Especially since Steve just had surgery–as in, hospital outpatient surgery this time–on his retina yet again.
We have received reports from Ice Stations Twi-Lek, Half-Assed Labs,Gobble, Clone, B-Lizard, Jawa,Gotham, Just a Few Flakes,Blinky, Northern Suck,Wookie Woo, Greek Mafia, Frog Pond,Zebra, and others.
Our Yetis here at Ice Station Eyeball, were disappointed at the lack of snow as well.

Betty the Yeti and Wee Yeti are putting up a brave front.


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