AfterWeen! Walker Stalker Con 2015

So this past Saturday, Hallowe’en, my dear husband Steve took me to Walker Stalker Con! I had a terrific time and I do believe Steve did too, although horror really isn’t his thing. Still, he watches The Walking Dead and some of my scary movies with me, so he is knowledgeable of the genre.

I knew Robert Englund would be there, and I had done my usual thing and made a little Freddy puppet to present to him. I couldn’t wait. I was hoping he would do something fun with it when I gave it to him, and he didn’t disappoint.
Here is the puppet, in the “creation” stages as well as complete:


But first, the con atmosphere. Like any con dealing with fandom, it had celebrity encounters,panels and dealers. The first several rows in the dealer area were original work–jewelry, paintings, cards, toys, all kinds of stuff, like a horror-themed Etsy. Next came several more rows in which the booths carried mass-produced items like videos, posters, books, action figures, and costuming implements. A tattoo booth was thrown in for good measure,and even a wedding planner.

Always out of place and somehow not, the Comic Book Men were in attendance again. Since their show immediately follows The Walking Dead on AMC, they kind of acknowledge that their show depended on The Walking Dead  viewers sticking around to see what their show was all about. Following that show worked, and they have a big fanbase too, including us! Since we have visited them at their store, we have gotten to know them a a little better than most con experiences allow. 😀  Here are some pics! (and because it was Hallowe’en, many dealers and celebrities had candy out on their tables, because kids could TRICK OR TREAT!!!


Okay, so…meeting Robert Englund:

I had heard he was a nice guy, and he really was. We got into his line early, and from my viewpoint I was able to watch his interactions with fans as they came up for autographs and photos. He would totally say things in character, such as, when waiting for someone to take a photo, he would growl, “Take the photo, BITCH!” and of course everyone laughed and loved it. Occasionally when it was someone’s turn to walk up, he would slam his hand on the table and yell, “NEXT VICTIM!” in his best Freddy voice he could manage without the sound-edit effects. He spent a lot of time talking to people, answering questions, etc.
When it was my turn I think he did the “NEXT VICTIM!” bit and I was already laughing before I got up to him.
He saw the bag I had and I said, “Mr. Englund, I am sorry I’m not buying anything but I do have something for you!”
“Oh, boy!” he said, gleefully grabbing the gift bag, “What did I get?” and he starts throwing the paper out of the bag.
Then he lifted out the little puppet and said, “Ohhh, god, it’s a little folk art Freddy!!” In a flash he had it on, and just as I had hoped, he had MiniFreddy throw back his head and laugh. He complimented the icky face and also how soft items like that were much easier to transport home!
So he got on the subject of folk art, and how much he loved going to art and craft fairs and buying people’s original work. He remembered seeing these beautiful Venetian-style masks somewhere, he said, and he mentioned again how much he loved getting handmade works of art and constantly  put his hands on mine as he was talking. What a nice guy!
Steve asked if we could get a pic of him and me, and of him and the puppet, and the rest is history:


He really hammed it up with MiniFreddy.


Here, Robert told me to look at Steve. I got it wrong and  looked back at Robert.
“No, no, don’t look at me, look at your husband!”
Steve was laughing as he took the photo. Now I see why.

We thanked him and went on our way, and he gave me a postcard advertising For people with a VIP pass he autographed the back, but I was fine with my photo and my experience. It was fangtastic!

Then, Kane Hodder…

In the weeks leading up to Walker Stalker Con, I was reeducating myself on the Freddy and Jason franchises. I saw some of the movies in the 80’s, and so I have gaps in the storyline(is there a storyline?) Anyway, I became familiar with Kane Hodder as probably the best damned Jason there has been. What I did not know is that he was going to be at Walker Stalker Con. I was totally unprepared. Yet, when Steve was looking at the map of where celebrity tables were located and happened to mutter the name “Hodder” as he was reading over the names,I practically leaped in the air: “Kane Hodder is HERE?”
We went to Kane’s table next. His line was short at the moment, so we took the chance and hopped in. I just wanted a photo; I was so flummoxed I couldn’t even think of anything to talk about or ask him, so I was doing good just to babble out, “I would like a photo, please!”
He did compliment my shirt–I was wearing my Black Cat Fireworks shirt, and we talked about how cool the logo is! Then, the next thing I knew, he was reaching across the table and taking hold of my fingers, then turning my hand over. I’m sure I looked surprised, but he was actually just looking at my ring(here’s a quick pic):


I love this ring and I feel so ridiculously badass when wearing it.

“That’s cool”, he said. “So you want a picture?”

I nodded and said, “Oh, yes. Do I get to get choked too?” Apparently his main way of taking a photo with you is to put those watermelon-sized hands around your neck and..well…look as if he is choking you.
And then he stood up and came around to the side of the table, and I realized he was walking with the Jason walk. The stance.

And then I thought, Oh dear, I don’t know about this..

Then the hands came up, gently, and exerted just a weeeee bit of pressure on my throat.



Holy moly, this was actually a bit frightening.
Jesus, look at the size of his bicep and then look at the size of my head.

But Kane was actually quite nice and I would have liked to have stayed and talked a bit, but the line was starting to pick up again. We walked around to all the dealer booths then, and got some barbecue for lunch. We marvelled at the enormous lines for The Walking Dead guests, and thanked our lucky stars that although my celebrities I wanted to see were big ones in this genre, they aren’t “white hot” right now and therefore could be seen in a reasonable amount of time. But I felt bad for the poor saps who spent the entire day in line to see Norman Reedus…did some of them ever get to meet him?


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