Dragon Con: My 2015 Book!

Every year I keep a sort of scrapbook for Dragoncon, and this year I finally perfected it after going through several ways of getting it done. I’ve used looseleaf and spiral books of various sorts, and this time I simply used a blank sketchbook. I love the idea of a hardbound book, stuffed and crammed with all sorts of cool swag sticking out the sides.:)WP_20150908_039

Here’s the cover, drawn in orange paint marker.

Inside I had planned to have friends sign it like a yearbook:


( I had to label a few people..:D  )


Notice my friend Chace wrote: “First to sign your crack!”


(I drew the Zorak on this page)

Then I began pasting things in, such as clippings from the various programs, plus my badge once we were all done with the con:



The main “con” things I wanted to do all involved the actors from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit,  so I pasted in their info, and the pages out of the schedules involving panels they would be giving as well as their locations in the celebrity signing/greeting area.





Then came the “Dwarf Panel Notes”. 😀

I attended three panels given by the actors from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The first included John Noble, Sylvester McCoy, Peter Hambleton, Dean O’ Gorman and Stephen Hunter.


These notes covered things such as Peter’s demonstration of preparation for doing the motion cap for the trolls, Dean’s impression of Gollum,John Noble talking about how depressing it was portraying Denethor, and that Sylvester is sick of hedgehogs!

Then came a panel with only the dwarf actors, Peter Hambleton, Dean O’ Gorman and Stephen Hunter.

WP_20150907_017 WP_20150908_031 WP_20150908_032

 WP_20150908_034  WP_20150908_037 WP_20150908_038

These notes cover a lot of hilarity, such as “what is your dwarf flavor?”,”there was lots of farting on set and still is”, Bombur stuck perfectly in a barrel like a cork,William Kircher and John Callen (Bifur and Oin) floating in their barrels past the safety rope and heading for a waterfall, Stephen trying to pee without taking his Bombur Belly off,Dean having his crotch blown-dry because he had some bathroom spillage (while working on Hercules),  Who was the biggest ass during Hobbit filming, yak hair not repelling water, “we keep in touch with each other”, and Peter throwing up on Orlando Bloom instead of delivering his line (he was very ill that day).

I went to a second panel with only the dwarf actors again,and I was stuck in a line waiting to ask a question. (I was going to ask if they had more Scene 88 endless running and fainting stories to share) so I wasn’t sitting in my seat taking notes. I had to rely on Steve and Beth to remember funny stuff so I could write it down later. One memorable thing was Peter talking about wearing the huge beard as Gloin, and, while eating, having to deal with food stuck in the beard. Special people good with chopsticks were actually hired to pluck food out of the dwarves’ beards. Oh, man, EW!

Dean: Peter, did you ever find the peanuts?
Peter: I didn’t eat any peanuts.
Dean: (dying laughing)
Peter: Were you the one who put them there??

I also love to view the art section of Dragoncon, in which you can see terrific comic and pop culture art, and meet the artists themselves! (in this case, Jack Davis’ son!!)

I collected the business cards or clipped images of people whose work I really liked.


And, since we used Cuz’n Beth’s room as a home base, we had fun with our dinosaur children, Mortimer the Ankylosaurus and Crunchy the Carnotaurus.


Mortimer in the “Backpack of Protection”, supposedly safe from Crunchy.


Artist’s rendition.


This year the dino kids were joined by Cuz’n Jaime’s Triceratops, Sophie! Crunchy doesn’t know what to think, surrounded by so many herbivores.

And that’s the Dragoncon Book for 2015! Thanks for letting me share it with you!

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