Fingerprint Follies: Karyn’s Birthday Card, 2015. “The Airbrush Chronicles”.

Karyn is one of my best friends in this world. And because she has to deal with a lot of…shall we say,”life crap” , that I know weighs her down from time to time, any opportunity I have to make Karyn laugh I will grab by the horns. I had that opportunity this past weekend, at a movie night party we were having at Joanne’s place.

Incidentally, if you see me mention “The Tomato Gang”, that is this group. We eat dinner frequently at a restaurant called “The Green Tomato”.

See, Karyn is one of my friends in our Star Wars costuming groups, in particular, the Rebel Legion. She costumes as a Twi’lek Jedi.
And she is blue. I want to post a photo of her amazing costume but I won’t without her permission. Anyway, to get that amazing blue look, it takes an airbrush, a lot of time, patience and practice, and experimenting with different paints. And the constant upkeep and learning and trial and error with the airbrush produces, let’s say…some funny moments. Most of these occur at what are called “Armor Parties”, in which we gather at a friend’s house to eat,work on costumes or other projects, eat, work, and eat some more. And make a mess.
Karyn bday 9_12_ 2015

Karyn is in the middle and her fingerprint character is orange. Well, mostly. But we had a little overspray issue.
Kenny, at far left, is always the optimistic one, always ready to try to solve the problem in some crazy new way. 🙂
Even poor Misty the kitty, at the bottom, wasn’t safe.
I am the green one with the big glasses in the middle.

Now, while this didn’t actually happen, we/she have had some close calls.

Karyn bday 2 9_12_ 2015

This is Karyn after a long day of being blue-in-costume. 🙂

Then there’s Jason, Joanne’s husband.


The little story behind this is that he is on the back of the card. I left him out of the first fingerprint card I did, for Kenny, and I almost forgot him in this one. I added him on the back, since be probably actually would be outside having a smoke and be an innocent bystander and not sprayed blue.

Here is the first “Armor Party” related card I made, for Kenny on his birthday:

Kenny Card 8_12 2015

We were getting ready for Dragon Con and we have Karyn fretting over the costume contest she was helping oversee; Joanne cursing(in G-rated form) over a seam ripper; Steve and Kent(son of Kenny!) measuring Ashley for something, and ever-optimistic Kenny getting ecstatic over his Lobot costume being done amidst the chaos.Misty the Armor Party Kitty is on the back of the chair. I’m over to the left, observing and drawing. 🙂


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