Halloween Countdown 2015–My Would-Be Favorite Mug!

I was so ready for this to be my favorite coffee mug.


Cracker Barrel restaurants have the Halloween stuff out pretty early and a lot of it is pretty cool. A bit too much glitter, maybe, but still good-looking stuff. I’ll go back and do a better review later. But in the meantime, I got this crazyass mug. There was also a similar-looking ghost, but the deranged expression of this guy won me over. This is the face of too much caffeine, perhaps.
I personally drink decaf because I spent way too many years addicted to caffeine and suffering the headaches when deprived of it.

So I happily filled this little dude with decaf the other day, took a sip, and–


The pumpkin shape, at least with my lips, leads to dribbling.

Alas, he was then brought upstairs to the workshop, where he holds glue sticks on my desk. Not a bad assignment, really, but I was really looking forward to our coffee mornings together.


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