Monsters, Miscellaneous: Sticker Monsters!

During all the Hallowe’en hubbub at Target, the store had all kinds of fun things in their “dollar” section.One of these items was a monster sticker activity book. Inside the book were a monster, pumpkin, and skull, with blank faces, and then there was a boatload of stickers to create faces for them. After making all my Hallowe’en denizens with the proper stickers that you knew went with each face, I had lots of stickers left over.


The Blue Peeved Pugnose Monster is my “properly” put-together face.

But then I started sticking the leftover face parts in my Hallowe’en book, and then drawing a monster around them, and then giving them funny names!

Take a look:


Worried Skirtyfoot




Three-Eyed Meepmip

WP_20151109_012Wart-Nosed Hello-dere


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