Toys n’ Stuff: Mister E!


Feeling nostalgic again today, and still in a very “toy” mood because of Christmas,I thought I would share with you another of my favorite, but very weird, old toys.
This is Mister E. Once you get the name, you understand. He has been a lifelong companion, yet he has never told me what he is.
He’s about a foot long, covered in thick, good-quality plush fur. One side of his body is  sky blue, the other half is deep green. And his underside is traffic cone orange felt. He has protruding, froglike eyes. He is shaped somewhat like an anteater. And I love him dearly. I bought him sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s at our McCrory’s store at Northlake Mall, with some allowance money. I had seen him in the massive wire bin filled with oodles of assorted stuffed animals, and he was the only one of his kind I saw then or have seen since. He was just so odd I had to have him.


I think he was five dollars. My grandparents often took me to this mall, and the McCrory’s was a genuine destination as it was a dimestore loaded with housewares, toys, clothes, candy,you name it. It was great to not only have a Kay-Bee Toys in the mall but also a store with a small toy department. I also bought many Imperial monsters and dinosaurs there, and more Rain-Blo bubble gum than I would care to think about at the moment.
Mister E is also a beanbag–more specifically, I think he is stuffed with crushed walnut shells,which was a popular “beanbag” stuffing back then. He is stuffed too tightly to pose very well, but he has a good, solid weight to him.


The choice of that bright, bright orange is so odd for his underneath. Nevertheless, he was one of my most popular traveling toys as a kid and he has the scuffed eyeballs to prove it. Most often, he went to my grandparents’ house and back a lot, and sometimes to the Piccadilly Cafeteria. Good times!


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