Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus Artist Trading Cards!

For a birthday present, I sent my pal Beth a little set of artist trading cards featuring our two dinosaur alter-egos (and the toys we purchased from Build-a-Dino in Orlando), Mortimer the Ankylosaurus and Crunchy the Carnotaurus. Although these two dinosaurs did live at the same time, Ankylosaurus lived more toward what is now the Western United States and Carnotaurus dwelled in South America, so it is doubtful they crossed paths, but they are still fun to draw together.SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0001

Mortimer is not impressed with Crunchy’s ferocious arm-wiggling.

SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0002

Mortimer and his cuddly human dolly.

SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0003

Mortimer gives a lift to a few small theropod dinosaurs.

SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0004

Crunchy gets a spike in the thigh. Ouch!

SD  6_16_2015 Mortimer 1_0005

Mortimer enjoying a snack in front of the TV.


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