Ghosts: Dead Men Tell No Tales…but they might stop your boat.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, © 2015 Liz Vitale

Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World is full of spirits and skeletons–the animatronic kind—but legend has it that the attraction has its very own true ghost, and his name is George.

George was an engineer involved in the building of Pirates of the Caribbean. One day during construction he was working up on a tower in the “burning city” section. Allegedly one morning George lost his balance and fell to his death. It is believed that his ghost still haunts the ride to this day.

Cast members working at POTC make a point of saying “good morning” and “good night” to George at the beginning and end of every day. It is said that if they fail to do so, the ride will unexpectedly break down or have other issues.

A nifty thing I have heard to look for while on the ride involves the jail scene with the dog and three prisoners. On the opposite side of the water there are a few steps leading to a door. This door is normally closed, but if this door has been left open, expect…the unexpected on the ride.

Ride operators have also reported seeing something moving around on the monitors when nothing should be there, but nothing in real life.

Fact or fiction? No one truly knows, but George’s “mishaps” have  created a fun and exciting story. Next time you’re cruising the waters of Pirates of the Caribbean make sure to ask the ride operators about George. They may have a tale to tell.


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