Ghosts: The Noppera-Bō of Japan!

The  Noppera-Bō,©2015 Liz Vitale

The Noppera-bō, or faceless ghost, is a ghost of Japanese legend.They are known mainly for scaring humans, but are usually otherwise harmless. They appear at first as ordinary human beings, sometimes in the guise of someone familiar to the victim, before making their features to disappear, leaving blank, smooth skin where their face should be.

From Wikipedia:

The Noppera-bō and the Koi Pond

This tale recounts a lazy fisherman who decided to fish in the imperial koi ponds near the Heian-kyō palace. Despite being warned by his wife about the pond being sacred and near a graveyard, the fisherman went anyway. On his way to the pond, he is warned by another fisherman not to go there, but he again ignores the warning. Once at the spot, he is met by a beautiful young woman who pleads with him not to fish in the pond. He ignores her and, to his horror, she wipes her face off. Rushing home to hide, he is confronted by what seems to be his wife, who chastises him for his wickedness before wiping off her facial features as well.


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