Toys n’ Stuff: Imperial Double-Header Dragon #1


Today I’m sharing another treasured childhood toy. I’m also pairing with my pal Shawn since this dragon features in his Awesome 1980’s TV and Movie Bedrooms. Imperial made these great two-headed dragons in the early 80’s and they were in every toy store, next to every drugstore cash register, and even at the supermarket. I got mine at McCrory’s 5 & 10 at Northlake Mall,long before that mall got gutted and remodeled.
They came in several colors; I distinctly remember buying the purple version first, then I got this pair. These are named Grendel (left) and Gregor(right). I know because I wrote it on the underside.:)


What I love the most about these dragons is how the left head(if you’re facing them) looks totally foreign to the body, while the right one matches the body and its back scales continue on down. On the left head,the neck is more slender,the face is different from the right one,and the back scales/spikes stop at the connection to the body.


The head on the right, in this case Gregor, looks a little “duuhhhr..” even though he should be the one in charge. His body matches his neck and head!


Instead, it’s Grendel who is kicking ass and taking names.


“BEAT IT!” growls Grendel while Gregor stares off into the distance.


Along with their Imperial Toys stamp, you can faintly make out their names.


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