Demons: Annabelle.

ANNABELLE 21 2015 altered

Have you seen the movie “The Conjuring”?

The doll in this film is based on an actual doll that bears no resemblance to her film counterpart. The real doll is a plain old,innocent-looking  Raggedy Ann doll that was purchased from a hobby shop in the 70’s as a birthday gift to a girl named Donna. Donna was in college, and shared an apartment with her roommate. With the two girls, Annabelle quickly became a beloved piece of decoration.
Then the two students began noticing strange things..

The girls would come home to discover that the doll had moved from its spot in the living room to Donna’s bedroom.

Other times it would seem to cross its legs when someone looked away.

Still other incidents occurred surrounding notes left that read “help us”, in a childlike scrawl, that neither of the girls had written.

Eventually, the girls asked for the assistance of a medium who told them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a woman named Annabelle Higgins.

According to the medium, Annabelle really liked the girls, and wanted to remain with them.

Enter Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Conjuring is loosely based on the exploits of the Warrens, who were self-proclaimed “demonologists” making a career out of touring the country and solving paranormal mysteries. The couple was most famous for being two of the first investigators in the infamous Amityville Horror case.

Annabelle, the doll, allegedly attacked a friend of the girls’ named Lou. According to Lou, the doll “glided up his leg, then up his body, then began strangling him to the point of asphyxiation,when then he blacked out”. When he came to, certain the previous events were not a dream, he was determined to be rid of the doll.
The Warrens agreed to take Annabelle, and while they were driving home with the doll in their car,the Warrens felt a sensation of a vicious hatred. During the harrowing drive, at every sharp curve the car swerved, and It would stall at every intersection. The brakes and power steering failed. Repeatedly the car verged on collision. Ed reached into his bag and took out a vial of holy water, doused the doll while making the sign of the cross, and the disturbances stopped immediately. The Warrens at last arrived safely home.

After setting the doll in a chair in their home/paranormal museum,the Warrens discovered the Annabelle had no intention of calming down in her new home. She began moving to different rooms frequently in the same manner as before, and she  levitated several times.

At last a sturdy glass case was built for the doll, and after the case was blessed by a priest, Annabelle was locked securely inside. Today, visitors to the Warren Occult Museum can see Annabelle in her case.The case bears a giant handwritten sign warning visitors not to touch.

According to Ed and Lorraine,the last person who didn’t obey that sign died almost immediately afterward  in an automobile accident.


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