Random Art: Ice Stations.

Bleah Tauntaun 2_1_15_0001

Here in the metro Atlanta area, an ice storm, or even just half an inch of ice on the road, can paralyze the entire northern half of the state. Northerners laugh, but seriously, our state didn’t have the infrastructure and equipment to deal with this crap, or the sense of time management for it either.

This tumblr account displays this phenomenon extremely well.

Recently we have had some more ice, But THIS TIME, we were prepared. Actually, our neighbor Tennessee is getting pounded much worse than we are, but we have had some record-low temperatures and definitely some ice. But this time,I repeat, we were prepared. Government agencies had salt trucks and de-icing equipment ready to launch.

Just had to put that out there. I think we would have been okay this time, had we really had some serious snow or ice.

To keep ourselves amused last year during Atlanta Snowpocalyse, as well as to keep each other abreast of the weather and how everyone was faring, we created Ice Station names as if we were on Hoth.
We got really silly with this, and this year it has started again. Uncle Steve and I hold steady at Ice Station Eyeball(due to our various eye problems and surgeries). Pal Jaime maintains Ice Station Possum, and so forth. I will be adding to this post as my friends remind me of their respective stations. Good clean, cold fun!

Update: Other Ice Stations included: Data-Base, Spaghetti Cat, Gotham,Arcade, Rockville…


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