Monsters of Oceania: The Drop Bear!

drop bear.jpg

The drop bear is a hoax in contemporary Australian folklore, featuring a predatory version of the koala(although koalas are marsupials and not bears). Drop bears are described as unusually large and vicious koalas that attack unsuspecting people or other prey that walk beneath their trees.
The tales about drop bears dropping down on people’s heads are generally used to frighten tourists and amuse locals.

Lake Monsters: Ogopogo!


A Canadian lake monster, Ogopogo rules over lake Okanagan. It stands out among other more peaceful lake monsters because of its reputation as a bloodthirsty killer.
It is often described as a many-humped, serpent-like creature with horns.

It is believed that the beast has its roots in native Canadian Indian legends of a monster called N’ha-a-itk,that would demand a live sacrifice from travelers for safe passage across Lake Okanagan. Hundreds of years ago, whenever Indians would venture into the lake, they brought chickens or other small animals to kill and drop into the water to assure a safe journey.