Sea Monsters: The Altamaha-ha of Georgia!

Altie book.jpg


The Altamaha-ha, or Altie, is our very own sea serpent of Georgia! It inhabits the coastal
marshes and twisting channels and even abandoned rice fields near the mouth of the Altamaha River,which empties into the ocean near Brunswick, Georgia.
Consistent sightings of the creature describe it as 30 feet long, with a long neck and flippers, and that swims like a seal,rather than a fish or eel.

Appropriately, the Altie inhabits the waters around Darien, a town founded by
once-natives of Iverness, which  lies on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. The
Scots even called their settlement New Inverness before changing the town’s name to
The monster was first sighted in  1981 when a former newspaper publisher named Larry Gwin reported seeing the creature while fishing with a friend.
The natives of the area, the Creek Indians, spoke of giant snakes in the rivers of their territory to early explorers who recorded the legends.

Sightings of the Altamaha-ha continue to this day, with the town of Darien making the most of their shy tourist attraction.

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