I’m a Cryptkeeper!


I am so proud to once again be one of the Cryptkeepers for this year’s Halloween Countdown by John Rozum.

This is going to be a slightly odd Halloween for me this year. Steve and I aren’t going to be able to do our anniversary trip to Disney due to my family obligations right now, and I am not doing A Tour of Southern Ghosts because I simply need a break this year. But I’m gonna make up for it by squeezing every last drop of pumpkin juice from this holiday, just you wait! LET’S DO THIS!


Who’s Ready?


This is separate from my Halloween Sketchbook; I follow specific prompts for Drawlloween so I try to be organized about it even though the sketchbooks are piling up in my studio, haha!
I admit we kinda start off with a whimper, here. Amulet? ¬†Oh well, let’s go!

Snackerdoodles: Spacekins !

The spacekins are kind of my version of stick figures I’ve drawn throughout my life. They are slightly dinosaur-shaped, but have antennae and little fluffy tufts on their extremities. I don’t know what planet they’re from,but my assumption is that they are very comfortable with space travel.



Snackerdoodles: Headless.



Party Like It’s Your Birthday!


This is a card I made for my friend Noel’s birthday. It features my dragon character, Fiddlehead, and her two forest friends which are patterned after Noel (the raccoon) and her very nice boyfriend, David (the rabbit).Fiddlehead get down.jpg