RIP, my Insect Friend.


Just damn.

Our dear friend Clay Croker died this past Saturday. You may know him as C.Martin Croker. Read all about him on the link–he did so much, and I am still trying to come to grips with this.

Clay and me.jpg

Clay and Steve and I shared a passion for animation, but Clay and I also connected over our love for monsters. I loved to pester him to talk to me in Zorak’s voice whenever we visited him at a con. The last time I saw him was at Monsterama 2015; usually we see him at Dragon Con every year but this year he did not attend.
Reading all our animator friends’ tributes to him on social media has been wonderful;I just can’t stand that this had to happen for so many great tales to be shared.
I still cannot believe he’s gone.


Dragon Con 2016! Well, sorta..


I fully admit I had, not a boring, but relaxing Dragon Con this year. I hung out with Phrog almost the whole time, and because we are both kind of “need our own space” people we are comfortable giving each other space while still hanging out and having fun. It’s a delightful arrangement, really. Plus, I had to work a couple of days during the event and either couldn’t attend or had to come in later in the day.
There were no celebrities I was interested in seeing this time, and no projects to make. It was the most stress-free, agenda-less DC I  have had!
I will probably post a few pics later, but I really don’t recall taking pics of any costumes, just pics of me and my friends, which is now kind of the reason I enjoy going.
Of course I did make the annual Dragon Con Book, which is nowhere near as spectacular as last year’s, but I think it’s because I wasn’t doing as much as I did last year, and I saw less people I knew to sign it and had less to see and do. It’s okay, though; it was still a lovely weekend!

A Trip to Build-a-Bear yields….DRAGONS!

A few weeks ago, I learned that John Kassir, the voice of The Cryptkeeper, was performing the voice of Elliott in the remake of Pete’s Dragon. Being a lover of most things dragonish and also someone who is deeply sentimental over the original Elliott, I was a little skeptical about this remake. Now, the more I see trailers, the more positive I feel about the film and I think I’ll take a gander at it in the theater.
What also gave me a push was when Kassir posted on Facebook about a stuffed toy Elliott, (including a photo).
It is offered at Build-a-Bear stores.
Oh. My. Stars.

I was hoping to ask for Elliott as a Halloween present (since I treat Halloween a bit too much like Christmas) but I finally couldn’t stand the suspense. Plus, I wanted to visit Yankeee Candle to see their new Halloween offerings, and both stores are in the Mall of Georgia. Because the Mall is overflowing with tons of other strip malls outside of it and traffic is insane, I really had to prime myself, gather snacks, fill up the car, and take serious time out of a day off to go there, kind of like planning an expedition to Everest. Anyway, once I got there, I was not disappointed.


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