Halloween Countdown 2016: Pack-o-Fun 1976 Halloween!!!!

I absolutely must gush about Pack-o-Fun Magazine,a scrap-craft magazine that was first published in 1951 and still around today. Lyle Clapper, son of the magazine’s founders, has said,”It’s the oldest craft magazine in existence, certainly nationwide and probably worldwide as well.”
My late grandmother, who I spent a lot of time with growing up, subscribed to this magazine and we had stacks and stacks of back issues I loved to go through, trying out various crafts with things you generally could find around the house. But the ultimate issue came in 1976, when I was five and justΒ starting to learn to read and fumble around with making things with Grandmother. Even as a child, I seemed to love the spooky and macabre, because I was instantly drawn to the Halloween issue and wanted to make items from it. Check out the cover!


These marionettes are made from tights and pantyhose. The photography on this cover is just perfect.

The funny part was that there were some crafts that did not include photos as to their end result; the illustrations were lots of fun to look upon but you never quite knew how the end project was going to look when you finally cranked it out. For instance:


Grandmother, bless her, helped me make the Crisco-tin monster head,the gremlin-face cups, and the little jar face. The Crisco tin thing came out the best; back then all egg cartons were this pulpy cardboard stuff and it made great monster teeth. We started to attempt the hat but we didn’t have any balloons, if I remember correctly. Still, it was great fun. I treasure those times.

Halloween Countdown 2016 Snackerdoodles: Steve Care Package Edition!

You may have already seen the spider with a gimpy leg a few posts back; here are the other Snackerdoodles I sent up to Steve as he helps take care of his mom in New Jersey. Notice that some of the characters in these are injured and being helped or fussed over by the others. ❀10_10-2_0003




I FOUND IT! Halloween Countdown 2016: Collegeville and Ben Cooper Costumes!

You may remember this post about my first Halloween and my Collegeville cat costume. One photo has been missing from the group of pics, however, and I finally found it; me in all my glory with the mask down. πŸ˜€

First Halloween.jpg

I am holding this infamous Meanie Greenie, and I still have no idea why we called him that=–he isn’t green. Also, the pumpkin on the ottoman is one of those that has the very cool diamond-shaped eyes and I still have that one, too. I also still have the little horn you can see in the background.

But wait, there’s MORE!
I recently dug out a bin containing some of the costumes that I and my brothers had as kids. Its a mix of Ben Cooper and Collegeville brands, and this is still not all of them. I have yet to find the cat and the skeleton but I know they are in a bin somewhere. But for now, enjoy this first batch!

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Halloween Countdown 2016: My Kitchen!

This past year I finally did some redecorating in my kitchen that I had always wanted to try, but hadn’t had the nerve. Then, when Steve went out of town I did it! That was a few months back, and the kitchen has settled into being a room that I just love being in instead of only being the room where food-makin’s is accomplished.
Since we collect Halloween, the holiday decor stays out all year round. A few special items are put away each year–generally, what goes on the kitchen table–but to properly show off all my favorite Halloween pieces, most of which were something to do with black cats,I knew I needed new color on the walls. I chose yellow, as I grew up with a yellow kitchen and always liked it.

I don’t know why all the captions came out in italic.

Next to my counter is my rack of cat mugs, most with a black cat theme and many were presents. The pumpkin mug was just too silly to pass up. Although I generally get tired of “Crazy Cat Lady” jokes, the mug was a gift from a special friend and therefore she gets a pass. πŸ™‚ The ghosts are candy containers and currently hold aspirin and mints. The Kit-Kat Klock was a gift from my dad, and another friend made and gave me the “Fork You” cross stitch. πŸ˜€

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