Halloween Countdown 2016: Art by my Seniors!

Today I went to one of my senior homes as usual and our project was themed for October– painting pumpkins with acrylic on cardstock. We started with the face in black, and I gave them my usual instructions of using simple lines and shapes. Then we moved on to the orange portions and wow, look at the fun stuff they made!

This lady used to do a lot of ceramics.
When I gave them the orange paint(we started with the black), this lady immediately colored her pumpkin’s nose orange.

Coloring this whole pumpkin in was a massive effort for this tiny woman so I assisted her.
I just adored this very suave pumpkin with a mustache.
This gentleman left his eyes, nose and mouth white and gave the pumpkin very precisely painted pupils.
I really liked the spooky look  that this lady’s had. At the top of this pic, the activity assistant was joining in and making her own, she said it looked like such fun!
All following the same instructions and all  make something different. That’s how I want our project to turn out!

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