Halloween Countdown 2016: My Kitchen!

This past year I finally did some redecorating in my kitchen that I had always wanted to try, but hadn’t had the nerve. Then, when Steve went out of town I did it! That was a few months back, and the kitchen has settled into being a room that I just love being in instead of only being the room where food-makin’s is accomplished.
Since we collect Halloween, the holiday decor stays out all year round. A few special items are put away each year–generally, what goes on the kitchen table–but to properly show off all my favorite Halloween pieces, most of which were something to do with black cats,I knew I needed new color on the walls. I chose yellow, as I grew up with a yellow kitchen and always liked it.

I don’t know why all the captions came out in italic.

Next to my counter is my rack of cat mugs, most with a black cat theme and many were presents. The pumpkin mug was just too silly to pass up. Although I generally get tired of “Crazy Cat Lady” jokes, the mug was a gift from a special friend and therefore she gets a pass. 🙂 The ghosts are candy containers and currently hold aspirin and mints. The Kit-Kat Klock was a gift from my dad, and another friend made and gave me the “Fork You” cross stitch. 😀

At the upper left is my treasured “The Quiet Woman” plaque that has been in my family for years and no one remembers who made it. Over on the other wall is a red tray with some Pennsylvanian Dutch men painting a “hex” sign on a barn while some birds look on.
On the floor are two ceramic cats I found at Goodwill and painted black. The larger one had been spray-painted gold and had pink eyes. Jellybean doesn’t seem impressed with either one.
Jellybean goes in circles. As I was taking photos of the table decor she had to do a few laps around it. The little orange candy dish with the wee black Jack o’ lantern on top is one of my very favorite pieces.
The ceramic ghost in the front–another Goodwill find—looks as if he is saying “Toodle-loo!”
Target in past years has really put out some decor with vintage flair, like the two cats on the wall by the window. Like my old kickstool?



Next to my plaqued poster of the Chinese zodiac is a little sign in which the cat reminds me a lot of Jellybean–round. The ghost hanging on the door also only comes out once a year and is simply made of cardboard.
Our door is black because it’s a chalkboard!
Two of my most prized pieces are a coffee pot and creamer that I think are from the 1970s with scenes of witches flying after men on horseback and also in the woods by their cauldron.
On either side of the door are various vintage plaques, not all of them Halloween, as I like roosters too, and we have a lot of toys around here so the top one(“Please Pick Up Your Toys”) always makes me giggle. The horseshoe belonged to one of the horses we had at my parents’ house.
This is brand new but was so cute I couldn’t resist. Got it on super-duper sale at Kohl’s.

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