I FOUND IT! Halloween Countdown 2016: Collegeville and Ben Cooper Costumes!

You may remember this post about my first Halloween and my Collegeville cat costume. One photo has been missing from the group of pics, however, and I finally found it; me in all my glory with the mask down. 😀

First Halloween.jpg

I am holding this infamous Meanie Greenie, and I still have no idea why we called him that=–he isn’t green. Also, the pumpkin on the ottoman is one of those that has the very cool diamond-shaped eyes and I still have that one, too. I also still have the little horn you can see in the background.

But wait, there’s MORE!
I recently dug out a bin containing some of the costumes that I and my brothers had as kids. Its a mix of Ben Cooper and Collegeville brands, and this is still not all of them. I have yet to find the cat and the skeleton but I know they are in a bin somewhere. But for now, enjoy this first batch!

For some reason we had two Road Runner Costumes. Were both my brothers the Road Runner?
Large and Small. All rayon! Good n’ flammable!
The classic example of these costumes….plastic mask, and rayon, tissue-thin smock that, instead of having features that made you look like your character, simply repeated a graphic of your character on the “shirt”. I wore this costume in elementary school to a “Halloween Disco” in the seventies.


We also had a Goofy, and a tiger.
The tiger was comandeered by me; I wanted to wear it for Halloween one year, plus wear it for a school play.
I wanted a tail on the costume; as there was no tiger-striped fabric available at Cloth World(the selection of anything in fur was pathetic) I settled for leopard.

Thanks for looking at our creasy old costumes!

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