Yeti Alert: Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Holder!

Oh. God. You guys. I really only go in B&BW at Halloween and Christmas, since at Halloween they have stuff I wanna get and at Christmas they have stuff I wanna give. I went in to do a little Christmas shopping, as I had a lot of coupons built up, and I bought some of their extremely cute and creative hand sanitizer pocket bottles for stocking stuffers, etc. With the bottles come little holders of various girly types for hanging them onto your purse, backpack or belt loop. Behold, this stood before me:



A little yeti, or at least yeti-like snowbeast, happily tangled in Christmas lights. When you press his face the lights flash madly in a chasing pattern. I gawked, squealed, picked him up, and immediately chose a “Pocketbac” (the official name for their pocket hand sanitizers) for him called “Winter”. It has a very generic smell, which is what I prefer. I really don’t do “scented” stuff. Occasionally I will like something very much along the lines of mint, lavender and pumpkin, but it’s still risky for me. Instant headache if it’s the wrong thing.


Pocketbacs are inserted upside-down into the holders, and the holders always have a window on the back to show not only what type of Pocketbac is in there, but, I am sure, to also show the lovely graphics the company designers have on these neat little things. This is one of the bland ones; I won’t show the others just yet because they are part of presents for friends that may look here! But trust me, they have great tongue-in-cheek jokes and puns in their titles.

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