Now THAT’S a stocking!

More artwork will continue after the holidays–I am deep in the Plak-tau of Christmas buzz and hubbub, which gets my mind off Steve’s absence.
I somewhat created my dream stocking.

Little dinos peeping out of a stocking–what more could an 80s nerd gal want?


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Our Christmas Wreath!


Ain’t it fun? The little dino at bottom right has lost his scarf,but he’ll get a new one.
Back in the 90s and early 2000s, I worked on and off again at a little mom-and-pop art supply store. I think I worked there twelve years? When the owner retired  in 2001,it was a sad time, as I and all my coworkers really enjoyed the place. Our beloved little boss, Jane, began just giving away stuff to us from the back of the store–stuff that had been there for years and was long-forgotten. This wreath may have been one. When she handed it to me and said, “Take it”, I immediately took it home that night and put dinosaurs on it, wearing little scarves and holding snowballs. It has graced our door every year since. The bow has always been squashed,but I don’t care. I love it, love it.

Christmas Stockings Past and Present.

I thought i would share(this is gonna go LONG, folks, so strap in) some great images and thoughts on items I used to receive in my Christmas stocking as a kid and teen in the 70s and then 80s. Then I’ll go into my still favorite things for stocking fun, because for me, Christmas stockings have been probably the most fun and full of surprises in my 45 holiday seasons.

First, items I used to find in my stocking. When I was very small, my stocking was too, and had an applique’d Santa on the front. I still have it; wish it was handy so I could take a pic.

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