Now THAT’S a stocking!

More artwork will continue after the holidays–I am deep in the Plak-tau of Christmas buzz and hubbub, which gets my mind off Steve’s absence.
I somewhat created my dream stocking.

Little dinos peeping out of a stocking–what more could an 80s nerd gal want?


There is a little bit of history behind these guys. When I was maybe five or six, my brother Jimmy, who lived in Memphis, came to visit and he brought me a gift–a box of dinosaurs! (It was already quite clear in my family what the girl kid liked)
He actually did this twice, I think. One group of dinos were a sort of jiggly rubber, and painted very dark colors. The other set were made of very hard rubber, had a more earth-toned color scheme,and everyone had lovely blue eyes. There was a bipedal predator of some sort, a dimetrodon, a diplodocus, a triceratops, and for some reason I received two stegosauruses.
I think mine are either packed away or I might have sold them. I have so many, many dinosaurs sometimes I forget what I still have. Since these were so readily available on ebay, I decided to grab them when  bit of Christmas money came my way.

This guy reminds me of a megalosaurus.
Long, lean, and very toothy diplodocus.
A dimetrodon–technically not a dinosaur but always grouped with them anyway. My original one had a lot more orange shading.

The megalosaurus was really special–his name was Krunik, and he was one of the  main stars of my dinosaur adventures in the backyard. Alas, Krunik was lost in a mudslide, never to be seen again, at a friend’s house. I have always wanted to find another one, but cheap. The triceratops is also offered by the same seller; I will probably grab that too. His face, like my original, is very red, almost like he’s embarrassed.
The above Krunik II came in the mail today with his two friends, so I  get to have a little early Christmas. I popped them into my dinosaur stocking for a photo, but I think I’ll leave them there till I put the decorations away.
This might lead to something really fun—dinosaurs in my dinosaur stocking at Christmas!

Oh, I have  1980s stocking, too:

Remember parachute pants? This 1980s stocking is made of the same material.
In my 1980s stocking I have unicorns! And  with this one I have had the most ridiculous fun. It’s a simple toy  that you squeeze and send a light foam ball shooting across the room with a perfect “POP!”

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