Funny Valentines: Slime Yours!

Once Halloween and Christmas is over, I’ve often gone into a slump because my collecting bug gets zapped. Valentine’s Day, even having a wonderful husband, has always been a little nauseating with all the very saccharine sentiments in the store displays and everything hosed down with Pepto Bismol Pink. I love vintage Valentines, as many of them were downright weird and I simply loved the old artwork so much more. Few of today’s Valentine designs could beat them, in my book.

Until Now.

Possibly, some of the companies that produce the classroom Valentine Packs received complaints about not having products that boys could have fun giving without seeming “girly”, which is of course the kiss of death in some kid circles. Or perhaps boys and girls wanted something a bit less run-of-the-mill, with options that didn’t have the latest cartoon character screaming at them from the front of the card. Maybe they just wanted something a little different.
If that’s what happened, the designers responded.

The first of the many screwy new Valentines I have uncovered this year comes from, of all places, Target’s dollar section. They are amazing, adorable, and just a little…odd. Which of course made me squeal with delight over them. WIthout further delay, I now present: SLIME VALENTINES. 😀


Each Valentine comes on a card of four that you separate with scissors(they aren’t perforated). They all read “Slime Yours, Valentine”, and each comes with a mini tub of slime “putty”.



 One type features a one-eyed monster (YAY!) and has plain tubs.


The heart-shaped tubs have tiny wiggle eyes embedded into the cap.


I’ve never been particularly fond of Slime in its various incarnations, just because mine never had the consistency to stay together in one piece. I had the Slime with Worms toy(thank you, and it was more like a big horrible ball of snot.

Needless to say I was apprehensive about opening one little tub of slime,
but I had to try it out.


Oh, my stars! Nothing at all like slime of my childhood. This was a true putty, that held its shape and seemed more like a rubbery gel. Actually it felt just like Jell-O. It is very wiggly.


You can stretch it a bit before it snaps. This stuff is delightfully fun to play with now.


You can roll it into a crude ball….


And it bounces! Not high, but it definitely has a rubbery panache that holds it together and makes it bop back up.

I give this stuff an A++. Creative, cute, and doesn’t stick all over your shirt.

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