Both Shops Running!

Whew, I am whipped. I’ve been working on Etsy stuff all day. I finally got my shop open, so if you look to the right, there, if you’re on a laptop, you can see my regular shop plus my Etsy shop links to click. If you don’t see those, go to to the “Shop!” link in the menu at the top of the page and that will get you there, too.

On a goofier note..

Experienced the most amazing “Leeeroy Jenkins” moment. While I was driving, a guy in a rather douchey little noisemaker car a few cars ahead of me decided to go ripping through a (green) traffic light at ludicrous speed so his car would make the most noise or something. Well, his car stalled out about halfway through, he skidded to a stop, and so did all the rest of us.


Dammit, Leroy.

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