Summer Fun at Target! Sharks and Mermaids and Dinosaurs, OMG

Target’s “Dollar Spot” or “Bullseye’s Playground” or whatever they’re calling it now has pleased me to no end the past few months with small and cute toys and other little items that cost a dollar or sometimes three. Once the Easter stuff cleared out, they hit me yet again with summer stuff with themes of sharks, mermaids and dinosaurs!!!

Shark pen on the left comes with a pad of shark-shaped sticky notes. The mermaid temporary tattoos are..quite glittery!


I tried out my open pack of the dinosaur crayons…well, they ain’t much for coloring but they sure are cute. As for the stretchy sharks, usually I detest touching anything of this ilk, so I only got a package to keep. Still, they look really cool.


It was hard not to break these out and stick ’em all over a sketchbook. As simple and “kiddie”as the designs are, I still find them lots of fun.


I’ve never done one of these growy animal things. The end product just looks so horrific and fetus-like. I liked this egg in its package too much to open up, and there was only one in the bin, so I’ll go back for another later and actually make it do its thing.


Now I know what bothers me a little about the main shark character…he is missing some fins. I think.  But hey, he’s still a shark, and I love sharks. I also love painting suncatchers–I had several in my window when I was a kid. This was another “keep one and get one to open later”.


How precious is this? I love mermaids, especially ones like these, as they remind me of my beloved Sea Wees.


Target’s dollar section is killing it with these great big chunky art pads. They are probably just regular bond paper, but they are big and thick and have the most adorable designs on their thick board covers. For summer there is the mermaid theme, the dinosaur, and there is a shark one, too, but the only one I saw in the bin today had some damage; they have google eyes that protrude off the pad, and it looks as if they’re getting squished in transit.
These are labeled as “treat bags”. They are simple cotton bags with a drawstring, and could hold all sorts of small items. 



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