Weird Word of the Day: ZUGZWANG

I’ve decided to start posting this particular cartoon here, now, too. I may have to backlog all the others I’ve done.



Happy Friday Eve!

Happy Friday Eve from’s own Munch Edvar!
friday eve 4_20_17.jpg
Munch has been a fun fellow to draw. I am still tinkering with his color separations (white chest, no white, etc) but overall he’s sprung to life on these pages without looking back. He can best be described as a “fully modern mammalian dinosaur”.
Munch is colored using a multicolor pencil with about four colors all mixed in, so his coloration changes a lot, but that’s one thing that makes him such fun to draw. As a result, his coloration reminds me of Edvard Munch paintings. Since I had his name picked out as “Munch” already, his last name fell easily into place.