Shark Week 2017: Watching “Shark Exile”.

A huge thanks to my dear sweet husband and my mother-in-law for letting me commandeer the TV and enjoy sharky goodness all week. Last night I was watching “Shark Exile” (about removing problem sharks from beaches in Brazil and the Australian coast instead of killing them) while eating Shark Bites fruit snacks and drawing occasionally, using the colored pencils stored in my shark-covered Vaultz pencil case. 🙂

watchin shark week


Shark Week 2017: My Favorite Shark!

They are actually extraordinarily difficult for me to draw–it’s the head, of course—but I love them. I do feel bad for the octopi that they eat, because of course I love those too. Ah, nature. Can’t watch it all sometimes.

Hammerhead pose

Shark Week 2017: Quotes IV



Shark Week 2017: Arena Swimwear


This is a fun commercial about a brand of swimsuits called Arena. Click here to see the video.


Shark Week 2017: Sharks Forever Stamps!

Click here to view and order these beautiful stamps!!

Whale shark letter.jpg

The Whale Shark Stamp