Halloween Countdown 2017: Tales from the Darkside–“A Case of the Stubborns”!

Spiner in tales from darkside.jpg

THIS is the episode that made me a fan of Tales... a brilliant, funny, gross and star-studded episode called “A Case of the Stubborns”! I can remember when this debuted—my parents were out to dinner and I was alone in the house with this horrible/amazing show and for some reason I couldn’t wait to tell them about it when they got back!
First, the synopsis: Jodie (played by a darling teen Christian Slater) and his mom are eating breakfast, getting ready for the viewing and funeral of  the very recently-deceased Titus Tolliver, the patriarch of their family. He is Jodie’s grandpa and it looks like the father of his mom(I think I remember her calling him “Daddy” once or twice?). All of a sudden, who should come clomping downstairs and bellering but Titus himself!

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Halloween Countdown 2017: A Boatload o’ Target Pics!


You can “BOOP”!

Friends, I go to one of two Targets in my area EVERY day. No, I’m not driving there on a special trip; it’s simply that my daily morning errands always end right at a Target. So,I’m able to really keep up with what’s shakin’ in their Halloween department, or “Booporium”, this year.

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Halloween Countdown 2017: “The Thing on the Fourble Board”. Quiet, Please! radio show,1948.

oil derrick.jpg

Quiet, Please! was a fantasy/horror radio program created by Wyllis Cooper. He also created the show Lights Out.

“The Thing on the Fourble Board” is regarded as one of the scariest episodes of Quiet, Please! and, to some critics, in all of radio history.

The episode is narrated to us by Porky(Ernest Chappell) an oil-field worker who encounters a bizarre creature dragged up from the earth’s depths hiding high up on the  “fourble board” of an oil derrick . This is a bit of oil worker jargon: the “fourble board”  is a narrow catwalk that is as high up as four lengths of drilling pipe placed vertically (two lengths of pipe are a “double”, three are a “thribble” and four are a “fourble.”)

Cecil Roy’s vocal performance as the creature was said to be especially chilling, managing to sound barely human yet strangely sympathy-inducing. Roy was a radio actress who was well known in radio broadcasting of the 1930s and 1940s as “The Girl of a Thousand Voices”.

“And, believe me, I didn’t want to see its body — I can see that in my nightmares. But its face… I can’t help wanting to see that pathetic, little girl face.”–Porky

Click HERE to listen to this chilling episode.


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