Halloween Countdown 2017: Tales from the Darkside–“A Case of the Stubborns”!

Spiner in tales from darkside.jpg

THIS is the episode that made me a fan of Tales... a brilliant, funny, gross and star-studded episode called “A Case of the Stubborns”! I can remember when this debuted—my parents were out to dinner and I was alone in the house with this horrible/amazing show and for some reason I couldn’t wait to tell them about it when they got back!
First, the synopsis: Jodie (played by a darling teen Christian Slater) and his mom are eating breakfast, getting ready for the viewing and funeral of ¬†the very recently-deceased Titus Tolliver, the patriarch of their family. He is Jodie’s grandpa and it looks like the father of his mom(I think I remember her calling him “Daddy” once or twice?). All of a sudden, who should come clomping downstairs and bellering but Titus himself!

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Halloween Countdown 2017: A Boatload o’ Target Pics!


You can “BOOP”!

Friends, I go to one of two Targets in my area EVERY day. No, I’m not driving there on a special trip; it’s simply that my daily morning errands always end right at a Target. So,I’m able to really keep up with what’s shakin’ in their Halloween department, or “Booporium”, this year.

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Halloween Countdown 2017: “The Thing on the Fourble Board”. Quiet, Please! radio show,1948.

oil derrick.jpg

Quiet, Please! was a fantasy/horror radio program created by Wyllis Cooper. He also created the show Lights Out.

“The Thing on the Fourble Board” is regarded as one of the scariest episodes of¬†Quiet, Please!¬†and, to some critics, in all of radio history.

The episode is narrated to us by Porky(Ernest Chappell) an oil-field worker who encounters a bizarre creature dragged up from the earth’s depths hiding high up on the ¬†“fourble board” of an oil derrick . This is a bit of oil worker¬†jargon: the “fourble board” ¬†is a narrow catwalk that is as high up as four lengths of drilling pipe placed vertically (two lengths of pipe are a “double”, three are a “thribble” and four are a “fourble.”)

Cecil Roy’s vocal performance as the creature was said to be especially chilling, managing to sound barely human yet strangely sympathy-inducing. Roy was a radio actress who was well known in radio broadcasting of the 1930s and 1940s as “The Girl of a Thousand Voices”.

“And, believe me, I didn’t want to see its body — I can see that in my nightmares. But its face… I can’t help wanting to see that pathetic, little girl face.”–Porky

Click HERE to listen to this chilling episode.


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