Halloween Countdown 2017: Costume Capers Part 1!

I asked a few of my friends if they wouldn’t mind submitting photos and descriptions of costumes they wear presently, or costumes from their childhood for me to use on this blog. My friend Lynn graciously sent this along almost immediately:

Lynn D

Her description is as follows:

Me – Mid 60s Spring Show in Elementary School.   The height of the space race, but man had not yet walked on the moon.  Back when mom’s made costumes for shows like these.
I even remember the first verse of the song we sang:
Beep, beep. Here comes a satellite.
Beep, beep. And now it’s out of sight.
Beep, beep. Around the Earth it goes.
Beep, beep. And that’s how science grows.
Isn’t it adorable? I think the best part is the little wiggly antenna on top!!  Thank you, Lynn!

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