Halloween Countdown 2017: Halloween 123 Children’s Book!


A few Halloweens ago, I was at one of my favorite flea markets–Queen of Hearts in Buford, and in my favorite booth, called “Down the Rabbit Hole”, I found this book. This dealer always finds great vintage books and toys and even if  this isn’t that old, it has a lovely vintage feel with the quality of the illustrations.


The book is loaded with  sweet black kitties!



This picture is awesome.
It was worth the price of the book just for the ghosts messing up the bathroom.



The kitties look so cuddle-luscious but still glow with Halloween goodness.
Look at those soft coats!



I LOVE Jack o’ Lanterns, and I am always amazed at how many different interpretations there are, all over the world, in a billion different mediums, of the classic JOL face and still no two look exactly alike.


20170919_173720 (1)

The kitten eating the candy on the number is the best. 🙂















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