Halloween Countdown 2017: The Special Box!

Special box.jpg

I am sharing something very dear to my heart with you. No, not Minerva, the little cat on top of this box. But you certainly can adore her. 🙂



This box was decorated for me by my dear friend Shane Morton, alias Professor Morte’ of THE SILVER SCREAM SPOOKSHOW. He also runs the Silver Scream FX Lab here in Atlanta and has been doing some killer special effects work in recent years.
Back when I was able to participate in the SpookShow, I performed several puppet characters including Gruno and Gliz, who are two of my best monsters.

A SpookShow performance. Persephone, Corndoglio(I know I spelled that wrong, sorry Jim) , Gliz and Gruno.

I’m not able to do the show anymore right now–they are often at night or in places a bit far for me to go; I’m even more of a homebody now plus I am worn out by about nine PM. I get up every day around 6 because of a lot of animal responsibilities, so it’s hard to stay out till midnight. But I made a lot of friends that I still remain close to and I love them!

Shane as Morte’ with Gruno on his left and Gliz on his right (Gliz is always done on my right hand since she talks more).

Gruno and Gliz soon accumulated a lot of costumes and props for the show–they had Halloween outfits, workout clothes, wigs, hats and scarves for Christmas, etc. So I asked Shane if he would decorate a box for me in his unmistakable style to hold all their stuff.  And wow, did he deliver!!!




The Dead Things side


Self-portrait on one end.


The Gruno and Gliz side


Kitty 13 on the other end!

Right now I am keeping my smaller Halloween-themed puppets in this box, because Gruno and Gliz’s crap overran it anyway, but I am so lucky to have it and I treasure it.

Mo made two small appearances too!

Here’s to many happy memories! Hail Shane!




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