Halloween Countdown 2017: Boris Karloff in “The Veil”.

The Veil.jpg
Karloff introduced most of the episodes in front of a huge, roaring fireplace.

I have become a massive Karloff fan, and it mostly started with this unaired TV series called The Veil. I know he was one of our great treasures as an actor, but I had no idea of the mystique and wonder he could create with voice, gesture and personality.
The Veil was an American television series produced in 1958 by Hal Roach Studios, with a spooky and suspenseful theme. Most episodes were based upon real-life reports of supernatural happenings and the unexplained.
Due to troubles with the studio, the series as never aired is today hailed by critics as “the greatest television series never seen”.

The Veil title.jpg
Karloff invited viewers to find out what lies “behind the veil.”

In the 1990s ten episodes were released to the public for the very first time, and were released later on DVD by Something Weird Video.

Click HERE to watch the whole series that some wonderful person uploaded to YouTube.

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Halloween Countdown 2017: Scooby Doo Bumps for Cartoon Network Part 1!


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I actually can’t remember if this one was called “Ghost” or “Sheet”. In the 1990’s,  I worked with my then-future-husband and some good friends on these station ID’s,called “bumpers”, for Cartoon Network. I animated Daphne and Johnny Bravo. It was very simple animation,but being less experienced it was the safest assignment for me to get it finished in the time allowed. I really,really loved doing these. I like Johnny,and of course being born in the 70’s  I grew up watching Scooby Doo after school ( I can’t stand Scrappy Doo, though).


Halloween Countdown 2017: “Cold Icy Fingers” song!

Steve and I have a couple of versions of this song. Here is the first I found as a video on YouTube.

Cold icy fingers stanleys

(don’t click the picture–it doesn’t go anywhere)

Here’s the lyrics!


Bill Johnson was a feller, that believed in haints and sights
He used to dream about ’em, when he went to bed at night
And when he’d dream about ’em, you could nearly always tell
He’d just throw back the covers, he’d jump right out and yell.

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
I don’t mind them naked bones
I can stand them hollow groans …
But, Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me.


Bill went to see the doctor, had a misery in his chest
The doctor looked at him and said take off that coat and vest
He started tappin’ on his ribs, which give Bill such a shock
That he just grabbed the doctor’s hand and he says “now looka here, doc!”

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold  Icy Fingers Off Of Me
You can cure my aches and ills
With your powders and your pills
But, Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me.

One night as Bill was passin’ a graveyard on the hill
Something dressed in white jumped out and made a grab at Bill
Bill says you may catch me, but I’ll make you do your best
Before we start to travelin’, I’ll make one last request.

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
You may run me out of breath
You may scare me half to death
But, Keep Them Cold  Icy Fingers Off Of Me.

Halloween Countdown 2017: Halloween 123 Children’s Book!


A few Halloweens ago, I was at one of my favorite flea markets–Queen of Hearts in Buford, and in my favorite booth, called “Down the Rabbit Hole”, I found this book. This dealer always finds great vintage books and toys and even if  this isn’t that old, it has a lovely vintage feel with the quality of the illustrations.


The book is loaded with  sweet black kitties!

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