Halloween Countdown 2017: Black Kat Kapers–BORIS!

First up in this segment of the Halloween Countdown is Boris, one of several black cats in our rescue.
Boris and his sister Elsa (named for Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester) were adoptable kittens at PetSmart. Why on EARTH I felt the need to outright adopt a couple of kittens who were in the hands of a good rescue I  have no idea. But I told the rescue that if no one else wanted them I would take them. It turned out  a week later that a family adopted them and then immediately returned them, because “they scratched”.  A very nice woman from the rescue kept them at her home and called me to come get them if I wanted them and there would be no adoption charge. I was there with bells on, and took home my two “Beans”, as their names then were Butter and Lima. 😀


Boris and Elsa turned out to be very different from each other. Boris grew to be confident and got along well with other cats except his sister. Elsa seemed to have an attitude of constant defensiveness so I put her in my “shy cat” room. Boris has gone on to be quite the silly personality over in the larger cat room(where most of the mayhem takes place)and taking a photo of him is quite difficult because he’s always rolling around, rubbing on things and sticking his butt in my face.


I snagged this one shot because he wanted to “wash” my hair. he also likes to pull on my glasses.


Boris and Wilkie usually work on Steve’s hair.
Boris has very sparse hair, and his face has a kind of bearlike quality to it.When the sun shines on his face it is brown. His tail is long and very skinny–again, because of his sparse hair–and that is the indicator that it is Boris running by if you’re trying to tell who’s who when the cats are all milling around your feet.
His eyes are a very pale yellow with a smallest hint of green.


I was trying to get a shot of his adorably vampire teeth but he wasn’t showing them at the time.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my little man Boris!

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