Halloween Countdown 2017: Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Insane” Video!

I have reviewed several spooky/unsettling videos on here; I still have yet to review “Rockit”,but I may overcome that this season.

A video whose song I loved and was a little freaked out by its video is “Go Insane” by  Lindsey Buckingham. Buckingham is one of those artists whom I didn’t know were part of other, bigger entities when I discovered them back in the 1980s, when my music tastes were developing. Once I learned he was part of Fleetwood Mac, I felt a little embarrassed. Same story with Paul McCartney—– once I figured out McCartney was one of the Beatles, I had to backtrack and realize that was Paul singing on on so many of my favorite old songs. I could go on—-Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Jeff Lynne, etc. Anyway, Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Insane” video has some of the early roots of computer animation and good old superimposing at work, making some pretty wacky stuff for its time..for instance:

For the lyric “Two kinds of trouble in this world/ 
Living, dying “, Lindsey holds up two boxes and out pops a mini-me of himself plus an adorable little skeleton marionette.

Next, on the lyric “I lost my power in this world/ 
And the rumors are flying”, Lindsey’s hands pop off and attach themselves to his back, where they become wings, and his head is replaced with a spinning globe. A larger version of himself then rips open the ceiling and looks on.


A little later he runs in a panic past this headless fellow with a computer-animated face consisting of a rotating cube with an eye on it, an eyeball, a cone nose, and a bloody slash for a mouth.


He also runs past fist-heads…


..and foot-heads.


The picture frame contains Mr. Buckingham with the expression that he wears through most of the video: addled and cross-eyed.


The video concludes with Lindsey being stuck sideways in a box which is obviously too small, and he is banging on a screen or wall to be heard. He then passes out, and the screen goes to static.

So check out the video here. It’s a great song; I always like listening when it comes on the radio. The funny thing is how similar the melody is to a Fleetwood Mac song of about the same vintage called Big Love.

In later years, Buckingham  stated that the song was actually written about his 7 year old (at that time) post-break up relationship with former lover, Stevie Nicks. “We were disintegrating as couples, by virtue of that, we were suffering as people. So in order to get work done, I had to go through this elaborate exercise in denial – leaving whole areas of baggage on the other side of the room, compartmentalize feelings.. no time to get closure, to work things out.. working in a very highly charged and ambivalent environment. So the go insane thing- would just be whenever I let my guard down and got back to all the things I hadn’t dealt with, it was almost like going insane- like I always do. Took a long, long time, working in an artificial environment on a personal level. So many things not worked through for a long, long time.” – Lindsey Buckingham

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