Halloween Countdown 2017: Koorven der Poompkin!

Sorry, had an attack of Swedish Chef-itis, there…. Woohoo, folks, I picked out a wee pumpkin from a “patch” I went to on Friday, and at last I had a chance to carve it today!

The patch I visited is right next to a place where I worked on Friday, and I explored it last year. I was hoping it would return this year and I was not disappointed. It’s a little weird going to one  alone and in broad daylight, I have to admit. There’s a certain electricity in the air when you visit these sorts of Halloween venues at night and when it’s just a tad crowded. But, I had been working with some elderly folks right before and had been talking at the top of my lungs, and I needed to decompress a bit, so it was nice having the place to myself.  Although I was very attracted to the rows and rows of larger pumpkins, I had to be content with just taking photos..I wanted only a little pumpkin to carve this year, as time is always scarce during October. So many things to do! So I went to the $3 pile, and chose one that was a hair bigger than its brothers and had a good long stem.

2917 Pumpkin Before.jpg

It sat on the kitchen table over the weekend. My kitten, Smartie, chewed on the stem a little and my mother-in-law was fretting over that, which I found funny.. Anyway, at last, today, after a particularly grueling art class session with some memory care seniors (one that I had grown to care for very much is in a sharp decline and it was hard to keep it together) I ran some errands after work, went home,and decided to carve this baby.

I cut a hole in the top, got my plastic scraper from a long-ago-purchased carving kit and scooped the slimyass innards out, carefully separating the seeds. I put them in a bowl to clean off and roast later. Wouldn’t ya know it, that simple kiddie plastic scraper was a stellar tool for the job. I was done in no time and had the seeds in a cookie tray, ready to roast, and a pile of pumpkin meat.

Carmilla Pumpkin MM.jpg

I took some down to the cat room–some cats really like pumpkin! Carmilla was the main one that dug in this time. Mmmm!

2917 Pumpkin After.jpg

And here it is! I admit it’s rather simple, and one bottom tooth broke off and I had to “erase” the evidence of my mishap, but all in all I think it’s pretty cute.

A secret job I wish I could do is professional pumpkin carving. I can’t believe that’s an actual job this time of year. But if I had the right tools, the space, and  a little training, I think I would be pretty good at it. There’s something so pure about carving a pumpkin into a Jack o’ lantern this time of year, and I’m glad I was able to enjoy a little slice of it.


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