Halloween Countdown 2017: Skull Excavation Kit!

Target, in my opinion, really knocks it out of the park most years at Halloween. I love discovering all the small toys and inexpensive little trinkets that are put out by the shops at Halloween, and Target’s dollar section at the front of the store did not disappoint this year. I found these “Excavation Kits”, some with skulls and some with two different tombstone designs, to save to play with later for this blog. And so today, because I’ve had kind of a crappy day and I want to pound things into dust, let’s get on with our excavation!

20171016_175421 copy
The packaging is great. I bought an extra one to hang on my wall of tiny weird toys.

20171016_175545 copy
Essentially it is a plaster skull and a plastic chisel and very feeble plastic brush. But it can make a kid who is pretending really feel “in the moment” of excavation.
20171016_175756 copy
After some chipping away at the soft plaster, some legs began to emerge. On the back of the package were pictures of a plastic spider and a centipede, but it wasn’t clear if you get both or only one.
20171016_175907 copy
After uncovering the centipede, I kept chipping, hoping to find the spider.
20171016_180308 copy
No luck. But a pile of plaster later, I can actually say it was kinda fun. It would be great to have these at a party so people could talk while “excavating”. It even gives me ideas for my own I could make.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown 2017: Skull Excavation Kit!

  1. That is a fun thing for Halloween parties! Might need to make sure you have the right person doing it, I know a few who would not be pleased. ๐ŸŽƒ


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