Halloween Countdown 2017: Doombuggy Maintenance Technician Costume!!

I had dearly hoped to have a Halloween party this year, but…it just wasn’t in the cards. To make up for it, our friends Kenny and his son Kent had us come over this past weekend for a Halloween-ish get-together. We worked on costume and craft projects and watched Harry Potter movies (which always seem to be on TV whenever we go to their house) and had good food and fun.

kenny party2.jpg

Usually they set me up in front of the tv with a table, since I am almost always drawing. Right here we were watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (the best, as far as I’m concerned) and I was catching up on my Drawlloween entries.

kenny party.jpg

Kenny and Kent went all-out on the decor; note the Darth Vader pumpkin as the centerpiece, R2-D2 brownie and light saber pizza cutter. 😀
I am SERIOUSLY jealous of that tablecloth.

So while the rest of the gang worked on various Star Wars costume pieces, I was practicing using Sculpey:

Three tongues.jpg

I had a lot of fun with it and I think I’m getting the hang of it. We even baked them at Kenny and Kent’s place and they came out great!
So as I was sitting in front of the TV, I heard Kenny’s voice behind me say, “Thank you for bringing your Doombuggy in for servicing today..”
(For those who don’t know, a Doombuggy is your means of transportation through the Haunted Mansion attraction ride at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the other parks,except Mystic Manor in Hong Kong.)

Then I turn around, and here is Kenny in a costume that clearly states he is a Doombuggy Maintenance Technician!

Here’s Kenny with his jumpsuit that bears a patch reading “Haunted Mansion Maintenance” and a handmade Disney name tag with a bat instead of Mickey Ears!


Full shot of Kenny’s costume, out in his homemade graveyard. You may remember some of these pieces from the Haunted Archery Tournament.


Kenny is ready to handle all your Doombuggy and general Mansion maintenance needs: He has spare candles in his bat toolbelt, and he also carries a can of Instant Cobweb, in case those hallways are looking a little too “lived in”.


Here is his bat poop scooper, complete with sculpted bat!
Gotta love the time he took stenciling the wallpaper design on his cap.
And here’s a better look at the fine product known as Instant Cobweb.

I applauded and practically shrieked. I can’t believe he went to such trouble.but he said he had wanted to wear it in THE right place, which was our house and its never-ending Haunted Mansion memorabilia. Hooray for Kenny!



One thought on “Halloween Countdown 2017: Doombuggy Maintenance Technician Costume!!

  1. Great Halloween-ish party – and great idea for a costume, and well crafted! Never thought of that, but a cool idea indeed. 🎃


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