Halloween Countdown 2017: So I caved and got a Zombie from Starbucks.

I have zero interest in coffee from Starbucks. If that’s your thing, that is totally fine; I have plenty of stuff I spend my money on that people would tilt their heads like puzzled terriers about. I’ve also never really been one for “flash sales” of things. But, when I heard about the Zombie drink thingy from Starbucks, I thought, what the heck, I will add it to this year’s Halloween fun experiences.

From the Starbucks website:

Walk, run or drag one foot with your arms outstretched to grab one of our limited-time Zombie Frappuccino® Blended Beverages. It’s more treat than trick with delicious apple and caramel flavors.

zombie thing.jpg

I got the smallest size and even then the barista took off a dollar,so it was $4.


zombie 2

The whip cream and drizzle was amazing..really yummy.
But,the drink was way too damned cold..that’s another reason I can’t drink these type things. It tasted kinda fruity,like apple,maybe? 

zombie 4

After looking it up on the website I now understand it is supposed to be caramel apple flavor. It looks great, with the pink whipped cream(I’m not sure what the taste was of that, but I loved it) and with the reddish chocolate drizzle looking like bloody brains! The actual drink was green, with more chocolate drizzle, and worked great as far as color.

zombie 3

Anyway, it was good until about halfway down,then I got sick of it. I think if it had been much smaller,just a quick shot of novelty drink rather than a big serious cup,it would have worked better. But it was a fun little experience.

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