Halloween Countdown 2017: The Bounty at Dollar Tree!

I shoulda written about this sooner; now things are picked over and if you like what you see here you might not be able to get them.

We have several Dollar Tree stores in our area; generally I haven’t been too thrilled with their holiday offerings; it always seems like everything looks too “kiddie” themed or just as if it were made by the lowest-paid designers, which of course is how they keep things cheap. But this year I was really pleasantly shocked at the designs of some of Dollar Tree’s Halloween Wares, from glowing gloves to decorated treat boxes!

Gloves with glowing features!! There were also skeleton and witchy-clawed hands, too!

Treat box coffins that are not only marvelously decorated outside…


But inside! This is children’s book illustration style charm, here. Love it!!


These treat boxes are the most “kiddie” of the stuff I found, but there is SO MUCH GOING ON on each box. Plus, the first box has plenty of one-eyed monsters, which I of course relish.


Open them up and there’s more fun inside!


These striking treat boxes have a thin layer of black glitter on them. Open them up to reveal..


Bats and spiders!

So I hope if there’s time left, you can scoot down to a Dollar Tree and pick up some of these ghoulish delights to keep for yourself or give to your loved ones!


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