Halloween Countdown 2017: Book Review of Ed Emberly’s BIG ORANGE DRAWING BOOK!

Friends, I have something SO special to share with you.

When I was a young and of course very odd little kid,I loved drawing as much as I do now, and I would devour with my eyes any books about drawing that I could get my hands on. And books such as those by Ed Emberly, one of my artistic heroes, were some of the best. Through drawing simple shapes and lines, Mr. Emberly taught us kids to really have fun, use our imaginations and explore once we had mastered the basics of his adorable little drawings. Some of these books featured things that were all one color, such as the Big Green Drawing Book, the Big Red Drawing Book, the Big Purple Drawing Book, and my favorite, the Big Orange Drawing Book.


The Big Orange Drawing Book shows you how to draw a lot of orange animals, such as tigers and foxes,characters made out of oranges(yes, the fruit!), and–best of all—Halloween characters.


At the beginning of each book is his explanation of how to follow the drawing instructions. In the Orange book, a Happy Orange is the character in the example. ๐Ÿ˜€


There’s pages of Jack o’ Lanterns, showing you how to master several different shapes. Notice how he uses circles here to create the basic shape first of each character rather than outlining everything.


Black and orange are used together a lot in the Orange book for obvious reasons..there are even pages of black cats!


You can learn to draw a witch and her trusty black cat on her broom(this is page 2 of the instructions)…


..and haunted houses loaded with spooks!! See how he shows you how to arrive at the basic shape, but to then add more and take it further?


A quick word of caution: If you decide to look for Mr. Emberly’s books and you come across his Halloween Drawing Book, please note that it is actually an excerpt of the Big Orange Drawing Book.ย I learned this the hard way; I ordered both books with a gift card, and when I received them I realized that the Halloween book is simply the Halloween portions of the Orange book printed as a separate entity. It’s a great book on its own, but I was disappointed that it didn’t contain all new characters and items.

So check out Ed Emberly’s books if you love simple, charming illustrations and how to make your own. I think they’re great for both kids and the young at heart.




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