Christmas Countdown 2017:My Major Awards!

This past week I won something at two different events. On Saturday, I took myself to a local antique mall/flea market that has a great variety of stuff and lots of booths, and they were having a Christmas open house event with food, prizes and music. I can often find a lot of things here for various folks on my shopping list, so I knew I was in for a good time. When I walked in the door I was given a raffle ticket. This same event was also held the previous weekend, and with my previous raffle ticket I had come close to winning by one number no less than four times. So, this time, taking ticket in hand, I prayed the Raffle Gods would smile upon me that day.
As we all walked around(many attendees as well as the shopkeepers/booth owners are wealthy retirees and were dressed to the nines) the store, one of the main shop owners was calling out raffle ticket numbers on a microphone every fifteen minutes or so. She would tell the winner to “make sure you scream and yell so we know you’ve won and we won’t call out the next number”. And, just like during the previous visit, my number came droolingly close but no cigar. And once again, I answered each number callout with “AAAARGH”!
Finally a gentleman who is extraordinarily nice to me there called me over and said, “Darlin’, would you like to sing a song for us to win a prize? You have been coming so close for two visits now.” Since a another customer had sung “Blue Christmas” and gotten a gift certificate, I stepped up to the plate.
I got a microphone shoved into my hand and I literally belted out “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” to the best of my ability. Oddly enough, it all came out just fine. Better than I thought it would, actually….and I got a ridiculous round of applause!
And the nice fellow who encouraged me to come up said, “Go over there and pick out a stocking on the Prize Tree!” and I did, and it was a $15 gift certificate! We got it sorted out with my name, and here it is!

Major Award 1
Major Award #1.

I will explain in a little more detail about my great love for teddy bears later, but now, with gift certificate in hand, I decided to be good and get a few Christmas items I had already picked out plus something for me. And that something was a gorgeous panda teddy bear (that was clearly pre-owned but priced as if he were new) that I had been eyeing for several visits.

Me and Forky.jpg
Me and Forky. The antique mall is in an area known as Five Forks.

I returned home triumphant but lamented that Steve (who had been marching with our Star Wars costuming group  in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade that morning) hadn’t gotten to see, or  been able to enjoy the good food and fun—although he certainly had had a good time himself at the parade.

Steve parade
Steve in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade as an X-Wing Pilot (sans helmet).

Then another event came up at a flea market in Snellville that Steve really likes. It was a BIG open house event with not only prizes, sales and live music, but tons and tons of FOOD. Oh, my god, they must have every booth owner bring three dishes. Tables full of everything imaginable are set up along several aisles and at least six coolers were full of drinks and at least one table was covered in nothing but cookies and cake. We got to go together to this event last night, and we had a lot of fun and great eats and I won a prize again!
Major Award 2.jpg

Their way of getting raffle tickets at this event was too complicated and involved borrowing sheets of questions from other customers. We had so little time I really didn’t feel like getting  into it. But then the people up at the registers had their microphones going, and they were calling out things like,”If you have on a college sweatshirt, come on up, you win a gift certificate!” (Kind of like “Let’s Make a Deal”)
So, there was one point in which Steve and I were on an aisle that was near the registers and they called out, “Anyone who can name all of Santa’s reindeer, come on up and win a prize!”
Steve pretty much got out of my way and pointed for me to dash up to the registers. Was this really a contest question? So I skidded to a stop and blurted out,
 And a ten dollar gift certificate was mine! And so was this teddy bear.


Steve Me and Cinnamon copy
Steve, me and Big Cinnamon.

So let me explain just a little about my Christmas teddies.
Each holiday season I like to “rescue” a couple of teddies,meaning they aren’t new. They’re flea market or goodwill teddies that need a little cleanup. All must be $5 and under. I take them home and give them a hot wash in the machine. Some I keep,some I donate once they’re fresh and clean. Where I donate them is a closely guarded secret.
The ones I end up keeping are usually these big,cuddly,brawny bears that I think were sold at JC Penny in the 90s. I used my $10 gift certificate to get a DVD for Steve(it was My Cousin Vinny) and this teddy that was in my $5 teddy rescue range.

It was so nice to get to go somewhere with my man last night. What a ball! But boy, were we full afterward. *blorf*


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