Christmas Countdown 2017: The Box of EYES!

One of my best pals, Mel, sent me a box today that I think she called the “Hallowchristmas Box”. In other words, it contained stuff she had gotten me for Halloween and for Christmas! I gotta share this with you guys, because it’s just beyond amazing.

mel eye 2.jpg

The first thing I pulled out was this knockout of a purse. I forgot to take pictures of the neat magical symbols on the back and the green satiny eyeball fabric on the inside.

I was still recovering from this amazing prize when I realized that there were a few more little packages at the bottom of the box.

mel eye 1.jpg

Two TINY hand blown glass cyclopes!! I mean, they are WEE. Only about the size of a nickel!! I love that they look as if they both went and got their little shoes polished for their photo.

I dug a little more, and unearthed THIS.:

mel eye 3.jpg

It’s a hand blown glass marble, made to look like a big blue EYE. It’s really beautiful. It looks more like a fancy marble on the back and less veiny than it looks from the front.

mel eye 4.jpg

I need to find a more proper receptacle to display it in, like a jar, or a box with velvet in it. Until then, The Eye seems at home with my Boo Buttons.

Thanks again, Mel!

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