Christmas Countdown 2017: The Bumble Lip Pop!

So the other day, as I am inclined to do when faced with lots of inexpensive Christmas novelties, I got some fun Christmas candy:

lip pop 3.jpg

I have tried a Lip Pop before but forgot to take photos. Or if I did I forgot where I saved them.
So here we go.

This Lip Pop is supposed to make you look like the Bumble (Abominable Snowman) from the wonderful old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special. Boy, I would have loved to have had Rudolph merchandise back when I was a kid. What took them so long? Now you can throw a rock into any store at Christmastime and hit a Rudolph toy.
I might also add, this Christmas season, Yetis are EVERYWHERE. I am enjoying it to the fullest. And Bumble pretty much qualifies. Ready to wear some sharp Bumble teeth before Hermie the Elf pulls ’em all out with his dental tools? Let’s go!


lip pop 2.jpg

So when you unwrap the pop, it looks like the pic on the left.  I admit I was really concerned about how Bumble was gonna look once I took his plastic fake mouth off.
No worries! A perforated hole is in the middle of the printed-on mouth and he still looks fine. Good to know since I might pin this up later.

I forgot to get a pic of it, but the pop is ice blue and looks like it might be really good. Unfortunately, my forty-plus-year-old taste buds don’t take to some of the new flavors of today too well and I think it was some sort of fruit mix, judging by the conglomeration of apple, watermelon, banana and raspberry in the bottom right corner of the wrapper. Whatever the flavor is supposed to be…it was TERRIBLE. Bleah! I took the pop out of my mouth and smashed it with a hammer to get it off the plastic mouth.

And then I took this:

lip pop 1.jpg

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