Christmas Countdown 2017: Crystal Christmas Tree!

I have always loved these crystal growing science kits. I grew one at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid that I was very proud of. Some of these new small holiday kits feature Christmas Trees and yetis. I haven’t been able to find a yeti one under $5, but this little tree was a dollar at Target. Let’s take a look!20171214_213526.jpg

So it comes in a clear plastic egg–I got two, one to keep pristine for a while and the other to open and grow.

The instructions tell you to spread the tree’s branches first and take out the included star and put it on top. The tree sits in the base of the egg, which is brilliantly engineered to sit flat on the table.


A small package of clear liquid is included. You’re supposed to pour this at the base of the tree, in the handy pool made by the egg base.


And now we wait!


Update: Here she is, in all her glory, the next morning!



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