You may see by the big purple link over there that I am consolidating my four websites under one roof, I  like keeping them kind of separated in their own little “houses”, but still connected.

As of now, my five main cartoons I have whittled things down to–Coffee Dragon, Day to Day Dragon, DC Dragons, Monstrous Affirmations and Snackerdoodles–will be reachabe from There are big image links for you to follow.

WeirdCrest will continue to host my Halloween Countdown, plus my yearly foray into Inktober and Drawlloween, as well as my writings and musings and tributes and other stuff my brain can’t hold any more.


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DC dragons Check on your friends.jpgIf you are visiting this page right now, it might be because you found one of my free pieces of art around Dragon Con.
Well, there’s a lot to see here. As you can see by my links, there are several sites connected to this one–Liz Draws Monsters, Betty’s Bodacious Birds, and Puppatoons. I separate them out just to make them easier to find if someone is searching for one or the other. You can get to everything under my name,

Follow me on Instagram and you can see lots of extra cartoons and little incidental things I post during the day–lots of little sketches and doodles and random cartoons, plus old stuff I dig up.

I am working on a Patreon page that will lead to even more content, and hopefully a way that people can help me keep up my creative endeavors and receive special benefits if they like my work.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you around my sites soon!