Christmas 2017 Aftermath: The Christmas Fun Box!


Christmas is gone, and in years past, a crushing depression would befall me this time of year. Taking the tree down is almost too much for me to bear; I am a Christmas junkie, through and through, and I don’t like it one bit when my fix is over.
Luckily, I belong to a couple of Facebook groups who are composed of Christmas kitsch collectors, and they have assured me that it is totally okay to want Christmas all year round in some way. They’re a fun bunch.
This year I am doing something new, and I wish I could grab a time machine and go back and tell my 20-year-old self to do it, too. I assembled a “Christmas Fun Box”.
See,I LOVE looking at old Wish Book catalogs,seeing what styles of decor were the thing, and seeing what toys were hot. What were the popular foods for the main Christmas dinner or snacks? And best of all, what sort of fun novelties and toys were the stores carrying that people bought for stocking-stuffing and party favors and last-minute gifts? This is what I wanted to curate; I’m already doing it with Halloween, and I got ready forΒ  my Christmas collecting by getting a small, Christmas-decorated box…..

….and the collection rapidly outgrew it. No matter, I got a bigger box, and every time I stopped in Target, Dollar Tree and a few other stores, I would grab one or two dollar or two-dollar items that appealed to me and went with the “Christmas FUN” theme.

The end result is practically the most glorious Christmas stocking I could ask for. When I received money for Christmas,most of it went into this. It all makes me almost maniacally giddy and now I will share it with you!

Mouse over each pic for a description!


The following items do not go into the Box but were already out on display and/or use:

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