My Weird Life: The Dumbbell Monster

My dreams are often quite vivid and I remember almost all of them. On top of that, I dream in both color and black and white, and in cartoons. My dreams often have some killer special effects, too. They are often hilarious, but some are definitely terrifying. Either of these scenarios can mean a dream populated with monsters.

Many years ago—I think I was still a teen— I had a dream that I was pregnant, and in the middle of  a miscarriage. I don’t know how old the baby was or who the father was or anything. All I can remember is delivering a baby that I knew was dead, and there was this awful beast at my bedside, screaming, “YOUR TIME IS UP! YOUR TIME IS UP!”

What did this beast look like? Well,I have drawn it pretty much crystal-clear from memory:
Dumbell monster.jpg

Because of its shape I have always called it “The Dumbbell Monster”. In a crazy sort of way its shape also resembles the Fobs from the World of Teddy Ruxpin. I’ll let you Google that on your own. Anyway, The Dumbbell Monster spent the entire time “onscreen” in my dream bouncing its head up and down and screaming profusely—which I don’t understand how it did considering it has no mouth. Maybe it’s under the fur somewhere. And those eyes! It had one red eye and one green eye and would have comically reminded me of a traffic light had it not been terrorizing me about my time being up. What was about to happen to me? Was I dying too? I still have no idea. And as much as I love monsters, revisiting this thing has always kinda given me the shudders.

Not long ago, I took this creature and finally turned it into something I could deal with a little bit better:

Dumbell monster as Felix.jpg

In the 90s, I did a little cartoon called Damnation in a publication called Sideshow Magazine,run by my old high school buddy Jon Waterhouse. It was a free monthly mag,and it covered many aspects of pop culture, from music and movies to pro wrestling and comic books. I wish it would run again, as I have so many new things to try!
Damnation was an office strip about demons dealing with all the aspects of working in Hell, long before the hit show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell rose up from the depths. (In a funny case of “what a small world”, my pal Shane Morton, makeup artist for  Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, worked together with Jon on The Silver Scream Spook Show, which I became a part of in the late 2000s, not having a clue that Jon and Shane knew each other until I started seeing photos!) The Dumbbell Monster, now named Felix, became a one of the members of a small group of underling demons just milking their time on the clock and trying to deal with all manner of difficult tasks such as keeping lost souls from burning too quickly, keeping the fax machine from eating fellow workers and resisting the urge to flush new trainees down the toilet. Felix essentially retained his shape and odd anatomy, although his eyes moved to be side by side instead of one on top of another. Although I produced no color cartoons since the mag was in black and white,I had the colors of all the characters in my head and so he kept his one green eye and one red eye. In truth,he has a mouth, although it remained hidden, and a common joke was “does he have a mouth or not?”.

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