Possibly Millicent Patrick(?) in the Usborne World of the Unknown: MONSTERS book!

I won’t go into the story of Millicent Patrick here, but it needs to be told. This blog tells it much better than I can.


That being said, I thought I would tell you about an interesting little illustration I noticed in an old monster book of mine:

Usborne Monsters1 _0001.jpg
Not the original cover. The old cover was ten thousand times better. I found this copy on ebay.

I checked out this book dozens and dozens of times as a child from our library; I just couldn’t get enough of the fantastic illustrations, the far-reaching stories or the fact that it had a monster glossary in the back.

Here are my favorite pages:

Usborne Monsters3_0001.jpg

I mean, check this stuff out!!!! Not only were these illustrations exciting and dynamic, they were masterfully rendered. And you knew these creatures were dangerous. These images were terrifying and alluring at the same time.

Usborne Monsters4.jpg

That is an incredible amount of gore for a kid’s book. No wonder I’m so warped.

Near the end of the book are a few pages about how monsters are made for movies.

Usborne Monsters2.jpg

Notice how the green creature is reminiscent of  The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and is different enough to not be seen as such. And notice how a woman is sculpting the clay model. She is not as statuesque as Ms. Patrick, certainly, but that the book’s illustrator and possibly author chose to make the artist a woman intrigues me. They could have just as easily made her a man.

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